'Tis the Season

To be Jolly?  While I love the holiday season, I can't help but get stressed a bit.  I will admit, I have done much better this year - I'm 100% done with shopping and 95% done with wrapping - go me!  The presents are just the tip of the iceberg though.  There's decorating, making travel plans, making puppy plans, packing, cleaning...the list goes on and on.

This will be Will and my 6th Christmas together as married folks and the usual topic starts coming up in June: where will we spend the Holidays?!?!  I hate picking just one family, I want to see them all.  Why can't I see everyone on one day and it not be complicated?  Well, life isn't fair I've learned and my family lives all over the place!

But thankfully, we'll get to see all our parents and siblings this year...not at the same time or even the same day, but in the same week!  So, we'll have Christmas week - woohoo!  We'll get to do some traveling so that we make it to see everyone - which, I'm very excited about (I love road trips, just not the holiday traffic).  The pups will be joining us on our travels (most of them) which is great!  I'd hate not to be with them on their first Christmas!  Sophie had a tradition of pooping in the hall every year (guess we were distracted by the presents and forgot to let her out), so I can only imagine what the two of them may do!  *Hopefully poop isn't involved*

So, that means I have to have all the presents wrapped, which I must say is the fun part, and ready to load up...not so fun.  I'm hoping everything makes it intact...I know from past experiences that the bows will be flattened, some paper torn and maybe a few missing name tags, but I hope nothing gets too smooshed or damaged!

Well, I have a lot of packing to do for myself, 2 puppies and presents galore!!  Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!


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