Well, I made it to Dallas.  Needless to say, its hot...yes, even hotter than South Carolina.  Fortunately I don't leave the office all day so I miss the peak of the heat.

On the flight here, I had a revelation.  People are gross.  I guess I knew this already, but it escalated.  There was constant sneezing, coughing, sniffing and various other bodily noises throughout the flight.  A teenager was in the row in front of me with his parents and he was sniffing and coughing to the point where it just about gagged me!  Then, I noticed his nose was bleeding and he had bloody tissues everywhere - yuck!  I felt kind of bad for him and ashamed that I was shooting nasty looks into the back of his seat, but it was so gross.  Then, he told the flight attendant that he got blood on the seat belt - at least he asked for something to clean it, but its blood - be more careful!  God only knows whats on those planes that we come in contact with.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to flight privately!  I'm a sanitize freak when I'm on planes and when I get off...well, pretty much most of the time in all honesty.

Having CF, I'm extra conscious when people cough.  I listen to hear if it is just a clearing of the throat cough or a nasty bronchial cough with phlegm rattling around.  People are clueless - you'd be surprised how many people don't cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough.  I just hold my breath when someone around me coughs/sneezes and hope their germs pass by before I inhale.  This probably doesn't really do anything, but hey, it makes me feel slightly better.  If I'm in public (not confined to my seat on a plane), I'll completely avoid someone that's coughing.  On Saturday, Will & I were shopping and this little girl had a nasty cough...I walked clear across the store to avoid her!

Anyway, enough venting.  I'm finishing up day 3 of Cayston.  I'd say my cough has increased slightly and I feel "stuff" loosening up.  I of course tried to stifle my coughing on the plane because no one wants to hear that! 

Well, back to relaxing in my hotel room - yay for the Hampton bed!! 


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