Bully Update

The pups will be 14 weeks old tomorrow - how time flies!  They are doing very well and growing so fast - its getting harder and harder to pick them up though! 

Potty training is so-so.  We are still having good days and bad days.  Although, we seemed to make some headway this past weekend *fingers crossed*.  They love going outside...they run and run which is hilarious.  I tend to not put them on leashes very often so they get exercise, but it tends to bite me in the butt from time to time.  They like to get under the back deck...which is no fun going under to get them.  And Stella loves to take off into the wooded area behind the house...and then I get to go hunt her down and coax her back through the thorns.

They are learning some words: "outside" (they will run to the backdoor, if they are in the mood), "water" (they start barking at me until I put the bowl down), "treat" (they just wiggle and follow you to where the treat jar is).  If I say "are you hungry?" they start prancing around and go to the pantry where their food is. They even understand "kennel up".  They take off running to their room, but of course look back to be sure you are following them with a treat, then get in their kennels.  Most of the time they sit without being told so they get their treat! 

Its a hectic life with two puppies and I wouldn't recommend it unless you have boatloads of patience and a ton of free time (which I don't), but I love it.

Hanging out in the back yard

These are the looks I got when I said "Lets go Outside" yesterday in the rain.


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