My last couple posts have been full of words and no pictures.  I'm a bit like a 5 year old and like books with pictures...lol.  

There is nothing as cute as a bunch of bulldog pics.  How can you not smile when you see these goofy babies!

Best buddies - Stella & Sarge
T-Bone rolling around
All 3 at my feet....all the time! 
Just finished our walk!  Hard to see but Sarge has Stella's leash in his mouth - lol
Mom...our bellies say its 5 o'clock and we should have our dinner now.

Happily all is going well!!  Sarge & Stella go to the vet next week for their bi-annual visit for shots and all that good stuff.  T-Bone will be heading in on April 14th to have a lump removed from inside his ear.  I thought it was a tick so I took him to the vet as it was in his ear canal.  They said it is a mass that they want to remove.  So, that will be done & hopefully its nothing major!

They are just living the life.  They have been loving the spring weather!  The 3 happiest bulldogs in the world.


  1. So adorable!!! I love a good pup pic! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm as nutty about my little grey cat *Ghee*.

    But you're nuttier - 3 adorable pups - nutty times three!

    You are a wonderful ma to these ruffians.

    Good luck to T-Bone!


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