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No Nose Blowing at the Table

Will and I went to lunch on Monday and we were greeted by not one, but two people blowing their noses at the table.  Totally disgusting!!  Not just a light little blow or whipping of the nose, but a full fledge HONK!!  Thank goodness I didn't have food in my mouth, I might have spit it out or choked on it.  Do people not have manners and just think its polite to sit right at the table and blow their noses?!  The odd thing is, its mostly older people that I run into with this God forsaken habit.  

Then, another gag inducing behavior occurred today in a waiting room.  There was an older (yet again) man that had quite the cough.  I had sympathy for that, I know how it is to cough in public (because you just can't help it) and people look at you funny.  But he topped it off by then hocking a loogy and spitting it into his cup he brought with them.  OMG - it was all I could do not to lose it!  Not to mention this man was talking louder then anyone else in the room and we all heard his conversation - which annoyed me as well.  Granted I am understanding, its obvious he's sick, but my goodness we all don't want to hear him hack up a lung! 

So please people, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to blow your nose.  No one wants to hear it!!!


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SmartVest Review & CF Appointment

Well, here is the long awaited official review of my new SmartVest SQL.  I don't have any current or updated vests to compare this too, so my feed back is based upon what I like/dislike versus the old and out-dated vest.

Weight - it is MUCH lighter than my ancient Hilrom Vest.  By all means, it isn't light but definitely a great improvement from my older model.  I can at least carry it myself!Comfort of vest - the fabric is much softer and less scratchy when wearing it.Technology - it has a digital screen, so I can set the time and know for sure how long I'm using it (the old one had a knob to turn).  Also, I can set different programs based on how long I want to use it, etc.  It's quieter!!  Will still doesn't enjoy watching TV with me while I vest, but I don't have to turn the TV to its max volume!  And, the dogs aren't scared of this one as much!There is only 1 I'm not tangled up :)And it comes with a rolling case (that looks like a re…


I'm back!!!

Unfortunately, I've been MIA due to some family medical stuff.  We had quite a scare with my stepdad.  Thankfully, he is out of the hospital and recovering!  He will be staying with Will and I for a while so we can help nurse him back to health.

I never thought about losing a parent before.  As I grew up, I lost my grandparents and understood that I would have to worry about losing others as they too got older.  But, I never imagined being 30 and having to think about a parent leaving my life.  What a scary thought.  It definitely got me thinking.

Life is precious.  I can't sweat the small stuff.  I shouldn't worry about stupid things that really don't matter.  You never know how much time you have left in this world, so enjoy every moment that you can.  Have fun!  Let those that you love know that you love them.

I am not done with my parents.  I still need them ALL.  I don't think that will ever change though.


My little bully babies are growing up.  Sarge & Stella turned 6 at the beginning of July and T-Bone turned 8 at the end of July.

We celebrated Sarge & Stella's birthday at home with some special treats from the local pet store.  T-Bone got to be at his favorite place on his birthday (our cabin in WV).  Unfortunately I was a bad dog mom and forgot his birthday hat and treat, but he got extra loving and sang to multiple times.

T-Bone had his bi-annual check up just before his birthday and had a good report.  We are changing his eyedrops due to the formula change in what he was using - it was making his eyes red and itchy. And then, in his ear (not the one that just had surgery) we noticed a tick like thing in one of the folds. He got very irritated with us when we messed with it, so thankfully his appointment was the next day, so I figured I'd let them piss him off.  Turns out, its not a tick.  The vet said it looked just like the mass that he saw in his other ear cana…