CF Awareness Month

May is CF awareness month!  Recently a huge story has hit the headlines.  If you haven't heard, you must live under a rock!!! Granted I spend a lot of time not paying attention to current events (I know, that's horrible), but even I heard about this....

Salty Girls!!  It's a pretty awesome project in which a bunch of CF ladies show off their CF battle scars.  A photographer, Ian Pettigrew, who happens to have CF, photographed ladies with CF and is going to put them in a book.  It shows that everyone with CF is different, we don't look the same and we don't always look 'sick'.  We can be the girl next door, the bartender, the CEO, or whatever else we want to be! I'm really excited about this.  How cool would it be to be a Salty Girl?!?!  Check out his website here and Facebook page.  This project has brought a ton of attention to CF all across the world!

On a local front, I happened to catch the news after vesting and watching Ellen and this cool story popped up.  Its about a local elementary school that has a new video game which they created to help learn about medical conditions, specifically Cystic Fibrosis.  I found it rather cool.  Check it out here.

While many people still don't know exactly what CF is, its great to see that we are making progress!


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