So Long Sweets

I must be a glutton for punishment, because I am not only giving up Sour Patch Kids (again) for Lent, but I'm extending it to ALL SWEETS!!  Ahh - already regretting this decision :(  So, farewell to candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, and all the wonderful things I love.  Darn my sweet tooth.

I'm hoping these 40 days of no sweets will help me in my goal to eat smarter and be healthier.  So, I pigged out on sweets on Monday while we were traveling back home from West Palm Beach, FL.  *Side note - Will and I went down to the Honda Classic with some friends and had a blast getting pampered at the spa, relaxing by the pool and of course, watching some golf.  It was nice to see a South Carolina guy win :) *  Then, of course I had to celebrate Fat Tuesday and eat more of my delicious Sour Patch Kids!

Honda Classic - PGA National 
Me and the hubs :)
Found these delicious things at the West Palm Beach airport...and of course, I couldn't resist.
So, now I'm on day 3 and doing good.  The good news is I can help ease some of my sweet tooth cravings with fruit!  I've been buying a lot of fruit lately so I can snack on something healthier when I get the munchies.  And I've even been experimenting with smoothies and green drinks.  Surprisingly, I like them...can't get stuck looking at the color, cause it looks like something that came from a dirty diaper.

In other news, tomorrow starts Cayston again.  I swear my 4 weeks off go by way faster then my 4 weeks on.  I'll need to get readjusted to the 3 extra treatments in a day.  I think I can, I think I can!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  We have some spring cleaning on our agenda.  Taking volunteers to help me declutter!  I'm a bit of a pack rat and Will doesn't save anything.  So its always an interesting time when we combine forces to clean house!

Will and I went on a run this evening and then rewarded ourselves with pizza and beer afterwards!  So much for the  healthy eating...haha!  


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