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My Weekend With My Sisters

Over this weekend, I got to experience life as a parent.  I visited my family in New Jersey and stayed with my sisters while my parents went on a trip.  It was rather scary thinking that I was the adult for the weekend - I still consider myself a big kid most days.  I had my two sisters (15 and 10) and the two dogs.  I had to feed all four of them, entertain them and make sure they arrived on time to their various activities (school, talent show, birthday party, dance class, etc).  It was fun, but I’m exhausted – not sure that I could handle that crazy routine on a daily basis.  I was fortunate that my sisters are at least self-sufficient and can take care of themselves to a large degree.

The school mornings start at 6 am – that’s insane.  I haven’t seen 6 am in quite a while and definitely not on a daily basis.  Once they were off to school it was just me and the dogs – much easier as that’s what I’m used to.  Then, the girls rode the bus home and I helped with homework and studying.  I haven't done homework or studying in 6 years, so I had to remember how to use my brain!  But I have no fear that  Callie is going to ace that Science test!!! 

Aside from learning the daily, exhausting task of caring for two kids – I also confirmed my belief that kids are just plain gross and messy.  All weekend, both sisters enjoyed telling me that I was a germ-a-phob!!  While this is true, I think it seemed worse to them because they don’t care!  They aren’t concerned with washing their hands after coughing or blowing their noses.  They don’t worry about wiping up crumbs or anything they spill.  They don’t worry about where they sling their backpack or shoes when they get home from school.   I won’t even touch on their rooms – haha!  Lord knows I was not the perfect kid and I'm sure I grossed out my parents and plenty of others as well.  Even now, I have my days of messiness and having two dogs doesn't help.  But, something about kids freaks me out.

Babies are one thing - I adore them.  Its just when they start walking and talking is when I get unsure.  While I love my sisters to death and wouldn't trade them for the world, the weekend sure helped secure my belief that I'm not ready for kids yet!  I'm still too selfish and want to do what I want.  Perhaps one day this will change and I will embrace the grossness of kids and challenge myself, but I'm not there yet!  

However, I definitely want to spend more weekends like this with my sisters!! All kidding aside, they are truly beautiful (inside and out), caring, loving, funny and brilliant girls that I admire and love with all my heart!  I can't wait to see what amazing women they turn into!

Here are a few pics from our weekend:
Callie and I at the movies!

Corinne & I before her friend's party!

Winnie (Great Dane) and Zoe (shih tzu)


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