Rhomboid, Schmomboid

What is a rhomboid?  Nope, its not that shape from Geometry class...that's a rhombus.  No, it's not something in outer space...those are asteroids.

It's a muscle in your back, that helps work your shoulder blade.  That SOB can cause lots of pain...I know!!  After several days of back pain, I started having pain and numbness down my left arm...so I figured I better hit the doctor.  I went to a Doc in a Box, as I like to say, on Sunday.  After a quick examination, she said I have strained my rhomboid and its spasming which is causing the left arm issues.  Good grief!

So, I got a shot in my butt for the inflammation and some 800mg ibuprofen to take 3 times a day.  I'd say the shot kicked in around Monday and I started feeling pretty good.  But, it must have worn off cause last night the pain was back and I have discomfort in my left arm as I sit here and type now.

I've been sitting out of the gym so I don't further injury myself.  I did go to yoga today in hopes that the stretching would help.  It did feel good!  Unfortunately, I still have discomfort.  So, here's hoping my rhomboid gets well soon :)


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