Greetings friends!  I'm happy to report I finished my round of Cayston on Friday - so now I get to chill out for 4 weeks and not have to remember my treatments 3 times a day.  I've noticed some "stuff" has loosened up in my lungs, but I haven't done any airway clearance - shame, shame, I know.  But I'm hoping Zumba will kick my butt tonight and jiggle the "stuff" out. 

For other Cayston users out there...I have some pet peeves/observations about it - do you? 

1) I cut/puncture myself on the metal top of the medicine container.  My poor thumb has some scars from where the top cut me when I was taking it off.  I've also been jabbed numerous times by that top feeling like I've pricked my thumb with a needle - ouch!  Maybe I'm a wimp, but it hurts!  So Cayston makers - lets work on that.  I know we need to keep it sealed before using us, but surely there is another way.

2) Different handsets take longer.  I have mine numbered so I can throw the oldest one away each time I get a new one.  I've been finding some handsets take longer then others.  Obviously, the amount of medicine is the same and I plug into the same electrical socket each time.  Not a major deal obviously, just an observation.  So when I'm ready for bed, or in a hurry, I will go out of order and switch to one that seems to be faster - haha (that's another reason for numbering them)!

3) I find using the batteries is faster then plugging in.  Maybe its me, but I swear using the batteries is faster too!  I don't use them much, mostly just in the car if we are on a road trip or something when its time for my treatments.  But, I actually used the batteries the other day so I could be able to move around the house and do laundry while I did my treatment.  Very convenient - love it!

4) The price!  Fortunately I have outstanding insurance coverage & save a TON of money.  If I didn't have insurance, chances are I wouldn't be using this medicine.  For you curious folks - I've attached a copy of my last bill from the CF Pharmacy which has the Cayston & Zenpep (my enzymes that I take when I eat):
Yes, that's a whooping $5,678.95 that the insurance gets billed for every time I fill Cayston (every other month).  And yes, that's $2,281.37 that gets billed when I refill the Zenpep (monthly).  Holy smokes!! And the best part is that I only paid $65.00.  THANK YOU BLUE CROSS!!!!

5)  One last thing - the power cords wiggles and cuts off in the middle of my treatment.  I obviously don't stand still very well and move around a good bit.  If I move too far one way or the other, or strain the cord reaching for something - its shuts off.  Very annoying.  Its getting worse, so I'm guessing the socket or something is loose on my little machine.

Oh well - overall its a great little contraption and makes CF life much easier for me!


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