Cayston & Baseball

I just started a new round of Cayston on Monday.  I was scheduled to start on Saturday, but since we were out of town, I figured I'd just wait to start when we got back home so I didn't have to lug it with me...I had limited room in my carry-on suitcase for the flight, so the Cayston was sacrificed :)

All has been going well, I can feel it working already.  Unfortunately, that caused me to cough my head off on Tuesday night.  I woke up around 3am and tried to change positions and even sat up to try to help (this usually does help), but had not luck.  I had to go get my inhaler and take a puff.  Thankfully, this helped and I went right back to sleep and didn't disrupt Will or the puppies too much.

Speaking of my trip, here are a few pictures from the Yankees game:

My future sister-in-law Amanda, Stepmom Sarah and Me
Will and I
Almost game time 
Beautiful day for a game in the Bronx
Will, me, Amanda and Michael (my big brother)
Me and my daddy
We had a great time at the game and its getting me even more excited for my favorite sport - college football!!!  Woohoo - can't wait for a fun football season and lots of good tailgate food :)


  1. As far as the inhaler, Do you use Albuterol? For me, whenever I do inhaled antibiotics I will take 2 puffs of Albuterol before I do my VEST. This helps open my airways to accept whatever antibiotis I inhale. I was the same way with coughing like crazy after inhaling a med but ever since adding the Albuterol before VESTing I am golden!!

    I love the pictures as well

  2. Hey John - yep, I use Albuterol. I actually take a puff before every Cayston treatment because it had initial caused some chest discomfort and excess coughing. Since I started doing that I haven't had any issues, other than the occasional coughing at night like the one I wrote about.


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