Medicine Updates

Well, I received word that my insurance will help cover the cost of the eRapid handset for the Hypertonic Saline.  But being that I haven't reached my deductible yet, I'll have to cover the cost of the handset, which is a hundred and something dollars...for one!  At this point,  I'm fine with that - I just want the darn thing in my hands so I can start it!

Today was my start date for, thankfully I remembered :)  I can already feel a difference...which is odd.  I'm coughing and feel congested, if that makes any sense?!  We were at an outside wedding this evening, and it was drizzling and super humid.  I had to cough so bad, and kept trying to hold it in so I didn't interrupt the ceremony.  Thankfully, once it ended, I went back to the car and took a hit off my Ventolin inhaler and hacked for a few seconds.

A kind of funny story about last night.  I'm the only one in my household that doesn't take melatonin...yes, even the pups do!  The vet has us giving them 5mg to help with their coat since they have seasonal flank alopecia.  Will takes 10mg every night, just cause.  So, I felt the need to give it a try last night.  Well, it knocked me out!!  Will and I were watching House Hunters in bed and I saw the first 2 houses and missed the rest!  I slept hard until around 2am...then the strange dreams started!  I mean, really off the wall stuff.  Then, I woke up around 5 and I was dying of mouth was soooo dry.  Maybe I was sleeping with it wide open - haha!  So, I chugged some water and went back to my bizarre dreams.  We got up around 8am and I feel like I never really woke up today.  So, no more melatonin for me!! I don't like feeling sleepy all day and I definitely don't like those crazy dreams!


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