Sweet Babies :)

As I previously mentioned - I was blessed to have 2 new babies join the world on June 20th.  I was so surprised that they both decided to come into the world on the same day.  I remember when I found out about the pregnancies, I thought that it would be pretty cool if they had the same birthday!  But, I never imagines it would really happen.

So, who are these two little people that joined the world?  Here they are:

Adam Knox

 Lillian Cayte

Adam Knox belongs to my big brother, Michael and his wife, Amanda.  Amanda went into labor on Wednesday night and this little guy was born at 2:32 am.  It was a busy night - I was anxiously waiting for texts from my brother with updates on the labor.  They live in Indiana, so I wasn't able to be at the hospital :(  But, Michael did great keeping up posted then sending pictures and videos once he was born.

Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better, I woke up for work after a few hours of sleep and my best friend, Brandy had texted me that she was in labor!!  Holy cow!  I gave her a ring as they were about to head to the hospital, so I got dressed and headed that way too (after calling out of work)!  At first the doctor thought it would be rather quick for Lilly's arrival, but she held out until 2:18 pm.  Just like when her big brother Preston was born, the nurses brought her into the nursery and we all stood around taking pictures and videoing her getting her bath and fed.  How exciting!

Will and I spent some time at the hospital meeting Lilly, then I headed to my mom's for our drive to Indiana.  I was so excited to be able to see both babies while they are still so small.  I love the newborn age!!  Its pure bliss just holding them and watching them.  So innocent, so small, so snuggly.  Its hard to imagine that I can love these little ones so much (and Preston too!).

I wish these precious babies a lifetime of love, happiness, and health.  They will always have an Aunt Dana that they can rely on for anything!!


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