May in Review

Well, I haven't been very good at blogging lately.  I say its because I'm having lots of fun :)

First, as my previous post mentioned...I spent a week with my sisters while my parents were on a trip.

We had a great time as always!!  Callie and I went to a trampoline park.  WOW - even going to the gym 4 days a week doesn't prepare you for 30 minutes on a trampoline!!  We did flips (I did them in the foam pit as to not kill myself) and had a blast together!

Then, Callie and I did a 5K!!  It was her first one.  I was so proud of her for taking a chance and running with me.  She even beat me!!! LOL   In my defense, she is 18 years younger and her legs are twice as long as mine ;)

Then, we rewarded ourselves with doughnuts!

The night before I left, the 3 of us gals went out to the Cheesecake Factory!  YUMM! Love that place!
Callie, Corinne & Me
Love my sisters so very much.  Although I didn't get to hang with my parents, it is awesome having that special time with just the gals.

After my New Jersey trip, Will and I took Preston on a special day to celebrate his birthday.  We didn't get to go to the party as we had an out of town wedding, but I think he made out just fine :)  We had lunch, went to the mall, Toys 'R Us and Chuck E. Cheese!!  A fantastic time!! I'm not sure who was more tired - Preston or Will & I.

I also attended a baby shower for a friend from college.  Its always fun seeing my girls and catching up!!

We went to our little buddy, Preston's soccer game!
Lilly hanging out at the game
Action shot!
My SmartVest arrived!!!!!  More on that in another post.

Then, we headed to camp for Memorial Day week!
Sarge rode with me on the way up
Sweet boy loves to ride

While in WV, Julie and I ran in a 5K!  It was a superhero 5K, so we mixed it up a bit and went as Minions :)

All done!
I spent many hours on the deck reading!!  So very relaxing to be here.  Although, a lot of work was done while we were there...we did take time to sit back and enjoy the view.  

The pups love being at camp
We rode our bikes, sat by the river, ate like kings, and enjoyed our family time.

On the way home, we switched and Stella rode with me!

She snored the whole way home!
I was on Cayston at camp and brought my vest!!! I was a good CFer and didn't miss a treatment :)


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