CF Updates

Hello friends!

Figured I should take a minute and get everyone filled in since my last CF appointment.  I tried my hardest to follow the doc's orders to vest twice a day.  I was probably 75% compliant.  I got a new Pari nebulizer which I believe I mentioned.  It works!  In the meantime, I dusted off my old nebulizer and used it...only it doesn't work for Cayston...just the Hypertonic Saline.  But, I was doing something, right?!?  I finished my Levaquin too!  I feel 100%!!! Woohoo!!

I was even a good patient and traveled to Indiana and West Virginia with my vest :)

Sadly, with all my crazy traveling, I didn't step foot in the gym the month of June - eek!  I got back on schedule and went to class yesterday.  Ouch!  My body definitely had gotten used to being lazy.  Today wasn't much better...coughed a bit in spin class, but man it felt good to exercise even though it hurt in the process - lol.

Hopefully, when I go back to the doctor on August 4th, I'll get to see improvement with my PFTs.

I'll be starting in a new CF study next week - woohoo!  We had to delay it a few weeks since I wasn't 100%.  I'll be sure to share some details soon.

Here is proof of vesting in Indiana! It cracks me up! My brother's dog, Ava, was not a fan of the vest.  She barked and tried to bite it (without success)!! She looks ferocious!! LOL 

Had to prove Ava isn't as ferocious with her human brother Adam! She loves him!!


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