CFF Blog Post

I was honored when the CF Foundation approached me to write a blog about our decision to not have children.  As a reader, you know how much we love our dogs and feel fully blessed by having them.  So, why not share it with the whole CF community?!!

Check out the blog post here.

I was shocked to see how many responses appeared on the FB.  We had likes, loves, wows and sad faces...thankfully not mad faces.

I enjoyed reading the comments...of course most everyone was very supportive and shared their decisions on having or not having kids.  But in typical social media fashion, people take things to the extreme or can't keep rude thoughts to themselves.  So, I wanted to take a minute to give some feedback.

1) I'm 99% sure we would have came to this decision even if I didn't have CF.  Every couple makes a decision whether or not to expand their family.

2) We aren't irresponsible in our delay of having Will tested for the genes...its called birth control people.  And EVERYONE in the world using it knows its not 100% effective, so there is always a risk of pregnancy when on it.  Should that happen, we would be the best parents to that unexpected blessing.

3) I completely support those with CF having kids!!  You all are hard core!!

So, that is that.  I hope my rant didn't overtake the point of the blog.  But, regardless of CF, its important to make the best decisions for you and your family!  0 kids, 20 kids...whatever makes you happy!


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