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Pupdate: T-Bone

I'm brokenhearted to share that our T-Bone passed away.  He had a normal day on Tuesday, and was happy to see Will when he got home from his work trip that night.  So, to say were were shocked to find that he passed away in his sleep that night is an understatement.

I think I've cried more tears that any human can.  This little bully boy had something special.  He was the happiest, grumpiest old man.

I'm struggling without him, so in hopes to help heal my heart, I want to share some pictures and memories of my precious pup.

The day we went to meet our boy was December 7th.  He was just as cute as could be and we fell in love immediately.  At the same time, he showed us his grumpy side and picked a fight with Stella, right there on the spot.  Oh my!  But, that didn't deter us.  We loaded him up and brought him home.

Our first family photo on "Gotcha Day"

We've had good days and bad days with his bulldog siblings, but they eventually learned to tolerate each other.  It may not have been love, but there was like some days.

My little buddy was a mama's boy.  Wherever I went, there he would be.  He'd sit on the bath mat while I was in the shower, follow me in to use the restroom, and sit/lay right at my feet while I used my vest.  Most of the time I thought it was sweet, but it also caused me to trip over him many times.  I'll miss that.

Assisting me using my vest 
My leg makes a great headrest.
He loved to be brushed and would head butt Sarge and Stella so he could squeeze his way in.  He also loved the lint roller and when I would roll my clothes, I had to be sure to give him a roll too.  He loved getting a bath, unless it was with the hose or in the river.  He was so good about getting his nails trimmed on those great big feet.

If you've ever been to our house and were wearing shorts, chances are you experienced his love to lick.  This boy would see skin and he wanted to lick it, especially if you just put lotion on.  He was always told to "stop licking!!"

He was a pretty mellow fella.  Never in a rush.  I'd take all three for walks around our yard at camp, and he was always dragging behind, taking his sweet time.  But, when that boy was happy, you sure knew it.  He wiggled from his nose to his toes.  It was precious.  And every once in a while, he'd get super excited and bounce like a bucking bronco.  We would just laugh in delight that the grumpy old man was so happy.
He's bring up the rear as usual on our walks.
From a lonely old man in a not so great situation.  He came to the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue where his foster mom started his healing.  We are so thankful for them!  He then became a boy that had a house with a bully brother and sister, tons of soft fluffy beds, and even a vacation home in West Virginia.  I think that was his favorite place.  While he liked to be inside with me, he did enjoy his time on the big deck looking out at his kingdom.  He wasn't a fan of the river, but would sit in his chair to stay cool  He favorite thing was a gator ride.  He'd get right up front in the passenger seat and enjoy the breeze.

Gator Ride!
Loving the deck.
He decided he wanted to try driving!
I could go on and on.  I don't want to forget anything about my T-Bone.  Sadly, time will pass and I'll stop looking back on our walks to make sure he is with us.  I'll put away his bowl and remember I only have to fix 2 meals, not 3.  I'll forget the silly nicknames and goofy songs we made up.  Our day to day lives will change, but he will forever hold a special place in my heart.

My last picture of T-Bone.  He and Sarge were telling me it's time for dinner on Tuesday.
So, goodbye my T-Bone, T, Grump, Grumpy Gus, Old Man, Mr. Wigglesworth, Angel, Sweet Boy, Toofers.  You were a damn good dog and I will see you at Rainbow Bridge.  Try not to pick too many fights.

I'm happy to know that the last words he heard from me were:  Nighty night pup-pups.  I love you.

To My T-Bone

I miss the way you'd look at me, with such love in your eyes.
I miss the way we'd go on walks under the West Virginia sky.
I miss the way we'd ride in the gator, you in the front seat.
I miss the way you'd wait patiently, while I reached to get a treat.
I miss the way you'd follow me around, everywhere I went.
I miss your little two front teeth, and even your stinky scents.
I miss that grumpy look that was always on your face,
But know that being with us was always your favorite place.
Although you had a rough start in life, you still loved unconditionally.
It wasn't that we rescued you, you really rescued me.
You filled a special place in my heart, that I never knew I had.
I want to give you one more kiss, I want it so very bad.
You gave us all a lot of laughs, and brought us so much joy.
You'll be missed by me the most.  I love you. My Sweet Boy.


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