Farewell 34

I can't believe my birthday is tomorrow!  My #35daysofdonating challenge has been so fun and rewarding - it feels like it went by so fast.  I loved receiving input from my friends and family about organizations that mean something to them.  I even learned about organizations I didn't know existed.  In the last 34 days (35 tomorrow) I hope I've made a difference somewhere.  I know I didn't get to donate to all the suggested places, and I'm sorry if I missed one you wanted!  I wish funds were endless and I could do this every day forever!!!

You can check out my list of recipients here.

To recap my 34th year on this planet...here are some pictures of my favorite moments.

Our North Dakota Trip

Having my sisters (and family) visit camp for the 1st time

The West Virginia State Fair

More family camp visits

Taking my pups on walks at camp

Spending Christmas with our families

Celebrating my brother-in-laws 40th birthday

Visiting South Padre Island and Mexico

Vegas - Justin Timberlake!!! and the ACMs!!

Enjoying downtown with Will and the pups

And the quiet nights at home (while these 2 are either snoring or wrestling)

As you can see.  It's been a year of traveling and fun!! Unfortunately good times aren't all we had.  I lost my Pap and T-bone this past year, which breaks my heart.  But I cherish every memory with them and will bring a piece of them with me on my continued journey in life.  💗


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