Playing catch up

As usual, I'm busy running around this summer and miss blogging.  So, here's a little review on what's happened since turning 36.

I spent a week visiting my niece and nephew in Indiana, which is always a blast!  Those kiddos wear me out...I have to sleep all day after getting back, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I love making memories with them. 

 I love that they still snuggle with me! 💜💙

The Indianapolis Children's Museum - BEYOND COOL PLACE!

I was home for a few days then off again to West Virginian to spend some time at our cabin.  We were there several days then the family joined us to celebrate the 4th of July!  We had a great visit with the exception of when a snake fell on me.   I nearly died...somehow I managed not to pee my pants.  My heart rate was elevated for a few hours! 🐍🤣

Me and Uncle Charles

The whole fam damily

The kids wanted a turn using my vest!

Little peanut barely fit in the vest.

Gator rides are life at camp!

Couldn't get the little buggers to look for the picture

Just been enjoying life and getting some appointments out of the way.  In June, I had my CF appointment and gynecologist (gotta love that one).  In July, I have the dentist and dermatologist...I'm sure my insurance is loving me.  Plus, I'm about to hit them up for a new vest!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting some time to sit back and relax!


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