August/September Recap

I've been meaning to check in with some updates on life, but yet again I procrastinate.  So here is a quick view of August & September in pictures!!

Meet my new nephew, Keaton!!  Technically he was born in July, but we weren't able to meet him until the next week (which was August).  I also was blessed to spend a week visiting and giving snuggles! 💙


Uhhh...nothing better then sweet baby snuggles.  I wish they stayed that little forever...then maybe I'd have one. LOL! Well, mine would need to sleep at least 8 hours too! Guess, I'll stick with bulldogs!😉

We had 2 different week stays up in West Virginia at the peaceful.  And we celebrated this guy's 70th Birthday!  Uncle Charles is the best - he's taught me so many things like installing HVAC duct work, building steps, building a fence, and not to be afraid to try doing something you don't know how to do.  Who'd think I would know those things?

I did a Mud Run!! It was so much fun!!  5 miles and 30 obstacles...holy cow.  I was exhausted and every part of my body was sore for a few days, but I loved every second of it!  I definitely want to do it again.

AND.....I got an AffloVest!! Woohoo!!  It's just a 30 day trial for now.  We are seeing what insurance is willing to cover, if anything... So finger's crossed we can make it a permanent thing.  Once my trial is over, I'll write a separate post on my thoughts and review of the AffloVest...but here's a hint.   I love it!  I even did some laundry while wearing it! HA!

And, I can't end without a pic of my pups.  While it's still freaking 90+ degrees around here, we try to take advantage of the slightly cooler evenings to give them some outside play time! I am totally over the heat in SC!!  BRING ON THE FALL!!!🍂🍁


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