Quarantine Update

I'm now on my 4th week of self quarantine...time is actually flying by pretty fast.  I'm finding it important to keep a routine each day, so I can keep myself accountable and make sure I don't turn into a slug.

I'm waking up on my own without an alarm (why rush to get up?) so that's usually somewhere between 8-8:30am.  Side note - I got 10 hours of sleep the other night...it was fantastic!  Once I'm up, I get dressed in workout clothes (just like I did before this mess) and take care of the pups.  They come first :)  Once they have gone outside and been fed, I take my Trikafta (usually with a handful of almonds) and do a breathing treatment (when I'm on Cayston, which I am not now).

Next is a walk around the neighborhood - my usual route is right at 2 miles, but today I wanted to walk a bit more, so I did.  Once I'm home, since it's been really nice here, I do some exercises outside.  My gym has been great posting some interval workouts and cardio type exercises - lots of burpees, jump rope, mountain climbers, etc.  Unfortunately I don't have any weights here, they are all at our cabin in WV, and Target was sold out on my last drive-up/pick-up order.

After my workout, I do my chore for the day, whether its mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, etc.  I break up the house over the week so I can get it done quickly...nobody wants to spend hours cleaning.

By the time I'm done and showered, I use my vest along with hypertonic saline.  Then, it's lunch time!! Woohoo!  I've been hooked on turkey sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, and avocado.  Yummy!

Then, my afternoons are my free time.  I managed to knock out Game of Thrones in 2 weeks - it was like working a full time job getting all those hours in...haha.  LOVED IT!!!  So, I switched it up this week with some light-hearted tv and watched Cheer.  Now that I finished that, I'm not sure what will be next...I've got a few things on my list.  I've been reading too, and sitting out by the pool.  I figured I should at least work on my tan while I home.

I'm doing a lot more cooking than I usually do, but we are getting some of our favorite local places to-go at dinner.  We want to support our community when I don't feel like cooking!  I've been fortunate that our Kroger offers delivery, so we have been doing that.  I'm sure I'm like most people and sanitize EVERYTHING as I bring it in the house.  Will has made a few store runs if we need somethings in between deliveries.

The biggest accomplishment in the past few weeks is that on Tuesday (4/7), I reached day 100 on Trikafta!! WOW!  That really flew by.

I'm feeling fantastic, have great energy, and no side effects.  Still got the munches and I know I've gained some more weight.  I don't keep a scale at the house, so I don't know the official increase.  Unfortunately, I missed my followup that would have been on March 16th.  I hate I didn't get to go in for the testing, I really want to see my lung functions and get the blood work, so I'm sure everything is going the way it should.

As of now, I don't know when I will be able to go back to clinic.  My next appointment and Trikafta study appointment is scheduled for June 17th.  Let's hope the craziness has died down by then.  I will have a Telehealth check in next week with my CF team, so I'm excited about that.

While our lives certainly have changed some with the social distancing practices, it hasn't been too bad.  Thankfully, we have the pool house, which is where Will usually works from home!  We still get plenty of time apart and aren't stuck together 24/7.  HAHA!  I love him, but we don't need to be together that much.

Here's a look at quarantine life:

First swim of the year!

Evening golf cart rides

I hope everyone is staying safe, feeling well and enjoying the slower pace of life.  I look forward to getting to see my family and friends again in person, until then, I'm thankful for our FaceTime chats!!💜


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