Quarantine Update...again

Greetings from quarantine!  This is week #9 at our house.  Thankfully, we are still doing well and staying healthy.  Definitely getting stir crazy at times and ready for a change.  But, we gotta keep doing what we're doing to make sure we are staying safe!

I've discovered the show Glee!  For some reason, I never watched it but I love it!  It's great to have on in the background while I'm playing on my phone or iPad.  It's on now while I blog! 😆

Since I didn't get to go to my CF clinic appointment in March/April, I'm past due for some blood work to monitor how I'm doing on Trikafta.  I could have gone to the blood lab at the hospital, but I REALLY wanted to avoid going into a hospital at all costs.  So, my doctor had the request sent to the local Quest Diagnostics (that's where my insurance would cover it).  The main thing was to keep an eye on my liver/kidney function and muscle enzymes to make sure there aren't any red flags.  So, I went today.  I was so ANNOYED!  They didn't take appointments, so I just had to walk in and wait.  The lab was part of an urgent care facility, so I was in the same waiting room.  I had to sign in and use the community pen...I didn't bring my purse as I didn't want to have a bunch of stuff with me.  AND THEY HAD NO SANITIZER sitting on the counter.   OMG!  Thankfully across the room at the urgent care check-in there was some, so I used that and dared them to tell me I couldn't.

I refused to sit down in any of the chairs - God only knows when they were wiped down last.  So, I stood in the corner eyeballing all the people in the waiting room.  Most were older people, so that made me feel better as they would be at a higher risk, like me.  It took 20 minutes to even be acknowledged that I was there.  I may have got a bit snappy with the lady...😬.  I'll spare you the details of the tortuous visit of locating paperwork, etc.  My blood was drawn and I was out of there after about 50 minutes.  I ran home, stripped at the door and took a shower.  I know I didn't touch anything but I was freaked out from being in a public place that long.

That got me thinking.  If that experience caused me to freak out...what's gonna happen when I'm back in public on a regular basis.  Maybe I'm going to turn into a hermit.  I know it sounds awful, but I'm judging everyone I see.  Who have they been around?  Have they been exposed?  Do they have COVID-19?  Can they get me sick?

Being honest, these things crossed my mind on a daily basis, long before COVID-19.  Someone with a cold could really cause harm to someone with CF.  I'm always sanitizing and avoid sick people like it's my job...but this pandemic has really increased my paranoia.

I know it's not good for my mental health to have all these questions about everyone I see.  I'll get better about it...I have to.  I mean, I do want to get back to the gym again and be able to walk around Target and TJ Maxx.  I just think it's going to take me longer than the average human to start integrating back into life.

Here in SC, stores are opening back up, restaurants are allowing people to eat inside again.  Even spas and hair salons are opening back up next week.  I'm desperately in the need of a manicure and hair cut/color!!  So, that's good news here...but I'll be waiting a bit longer to get put back together and feel like a girl again.

I'm anxiously waiting to spend time with family and friends...not from a distance.  I'm going to hug all my loved ones so hard!!

Until then, you'll find me at home watching Glee, doing my treatments, taking walks, doing puzzles, and snuggling my pups.  Thank Heavens for those goof balls.  They make me smile and laugh every day! 💕


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