It's been quite a while since we've had a Pupdate!  And what better time to have one as these goofballs just celebrated their 9th birthday!!!

Fortunately, things have been relatively quiet on the bulldog front (knock on wood).  They were supposed to have their bi-annual check up in April, but due to COVID, it got pushed back to June.  It was pretty weird sitting in the parking lot while they were in for their appointment.  Thankfully, the pups didn't care that I wasn't there and had no issues running off when the vet tech got them from the car.  

They checked up well.  Sarge had a slight ear infection, so he had the goop put in his ears that lasts about 2 weeks (can never remember what it's called).  Both he and Stella gained some weight - darn COVID.  But let's be honest, it's getting crazy hot in SC, so they spend about 5 minutes outside a day.  Stella will play ball in the house, but Sarge pretty much has no need in life to move faster than a slug.

We've noticed they are both slowing down.  Sarge especially.  He sleeps 23 hours a day and is absolutely fine with that.  His hearing is going too - sometimes he doesn't even hear me calling him or he can't tell what direction the noise is coming from.  But, say the word "treat" and that guy can hear it from a mile away.  Who knows?  Stella gets confused where noises are coming from, but I think she still hears most things.

Sarge managed to scratch his eye twice in quarantine.  Thankfully, I have all the meds I need and they weren't bad scratches, so I was Dr. Mom and nursed his eye back to health without having to go to the vet.  But, if he does it again, we will be going to the vet cause I used all the meds.  

It was crazy on July 4th because they normally are losing their minds with fireworks, but they didn't seem to hear them.  There were a few BIG booms close by that Stella barked at, but that was it.  I love looking at fireworks, but I sure hate when people set them off close by and get my pups upset.  

The pups had their first swim in the Greenbrier River over July 4th.  The river was too high when we were up in May, so they had to wait a bit longer than usual for their 1st swim.  But, they loved it as usual.  They've had a few swims in our pool at home, which they absolutely love.  Sarge never wants to get out! 

The pups got some play time with our friends' kids and our nephew while at camp in WV.  They behaved great!  Sarge even got a few rough hugs, but loved it.  Stella shared her favorite ball with the little ones and managed not to steal a pacifier (that's a big success).  As younger pups, you couldn't trust them with kiddos - not cause they are mean, they just have no idea that they weigh 50 lbs and can take out a kid in a heartbeat.  LOL.  So, we were happy to see them being gentle and calm.

They are loving life being spoiled rotten and having all the treats they could hope for.  They will sit in the kitchen by the treats and look at me...I have to please them and of course give them one (or two).  I'm definitely the reason they have gained some weight. Oops! But they are too cute and I can't resist the puppy eyes.

Side note - I got the new iPhone 11 with the fancy camera...and all I do is take pup pics!! I love it!!

They got pampered at Downtown Dog

My handsome boy

My beautiful girl

River sitting in the Greenbrier River

Stella enjoying the porch at camp

Sarge was keeping an eye on my every move

Enjoying a cool evening outside

Chewing sticks at camp


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