October Check In

 It's been a busy few weeks since my last update.  The last weekend in September, we had our virtual Great Strides walk.  We had just a few friends come over and we walked around our neighborhood, but I got so many pictures from friends and family wearing their CF Stinks shirts.  It was awesome - my little heart felt so much love that weekend. 

Me and the pups on walk weekend!

We took a trip up to the cabin in WV to have a change of scenery.  The weather was getting cool and the leaves were at peak color.  I was in heaven.  I love the fall so much.  The beautiful colors and the cool temps - I wish it was like that all the time.  I could wear a sweatshirt with my leggings...favorite outfit of all time! HAHA!  And I got to see my adorable nephew and get some baby snuggles...not too many though as he has started walking, so that boy is go, go, go!

Is this not gorgeous?

The Greenbrier River Trail - where I take my walks in WV!

This past weekend, I had a girls trip!  Talk about food for the soul.  It's been soooo very long that I've got to have girl time.  We all needed it desperately.   With the craziness of Covid and the added stresses of life, we got to check out for a couple days and just relax and enjoy each others company.

Now, I know many will judge me for going and traveling during the pandemic.  You know what I say to that....don't care!  I was beyond careful, wore my mask, and sanitized/washed til I had no skin left on my hands.  My mental state needed a break.  The reward of time with my friends outweighed the risk to me.  

Enjoying the Vineyard

Looks like Christmas!

I look at Covid as a risk vs reward scenario.  What am I willing to risk to get what I want?  In this case, I was willing to risk exposure to have the companionship that I've been lacking for 8 months.  Fortunately, so far we all feel healthy and no signs of Covid. Yay!

I was religious about getting groceries delivered and doing my Target pickups, then lysoling everything that came into my house.  Slowly the past few weeks, I've made the grocery trips...it really started because my last delivery was a total shit show.  I didn't get half the things I wanted, the substitutions were awful and then I got billed for items I didn't even get, so I had to take matters into my own hands.  Anyway, who would have thought going to the grocery store would be fun.  It was for me!  I'd get a bit of anxiety when I got back home and would sanitize everything and then change my clothes, but it was so nice to get out and see the outside world.  

I'm being cautious and careful, but my bubble is starting to cave in on me, so I must get out.  I chose not to live in fear of the unknown.  I chose to take my educated risks and live my life.  

Perhaps the best thing that has happened in the last month was getting my Peloton! OMG.  I'm in love and its my favorite thing! Maybe ever.

I've kicked up my exercise regimen.  I'm still walking my 4-5 miles each morning, but I've added the Peloton into my afternoon activities.  I'll do a 30-45 min ride, then a 10 min arm toning workout, plus a quick stretch.  My endorphins are through the roof!  I feel great and I think I've burned off a few of these Trikafta pounds.  If you are a Peloton geek like me, you can follow me @spincyster.  

That about sums up everything!  Hope everyone is feeling great and staying safe!


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