I spoke too soon - I missed a Cayston treatment yesterday :(  Will and I went to our office in Greenwood yesterday (about an hour away).  I packed up my work stuff, then packed up my nebulizer and handsets so that I could do one treatment on the car ride there and the other in the afternoon.  We load up the stuff, put Sophie in the back seat and are on our way.  About 15-20 minutes into the ride, I pull out my Nebulizer bag and get all set.  I reach for the meds to mix up & I completely forgot to get it out of the fridge! AHH!!

I was still able to get 2 done luckily, so just one in the morning and I'm done with this round - woohoo!!

I've been keeping up with Zumba - this was week 4 of going twice each week!  Unfortunately, I didn't get to ride my bike last weekend since I was gone, but Will and I got up early this mroning to squeeze in 7 miles before work.  And my goal is to go tomorrow as long as the weather is nice.

Happy Friday & I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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