O Canada!

I finally got my second stamp in my passport since Will and I got married!  We went to Toronto this past weekend for a wedding and had a blast.  We left home on Thursday in a lovely 65+ degrees and arrived to a frigid 0 (celsius), so thats 32 in my language....cold!

Canada was great to visit, but there's never anywhere quite like home!  Here are a few items I found the most different from home on my journey:

1) Temperatures...all weekend I was seeing temperatures of 0, 1, -1, 2...and so one.  All I know is 32 F = 0 C so it was cold!  I know I learned the conversion formula back in school, but I sure as heck don't know it anymore!

2) Distance - my mind does not operate in meters!  So again, my poor brain just waved the white flag in defeat when signs read 50 km or when the weather guy was calling for 4 cm of snow.

3) Speed - yet another measurement.  I saw a sign that said 100 and I was impressed that they went that fast, but then I saw the KPH and was confused yet again.

4) Accents - I like the Canadian accent!  Anything with an "ou" in it sounds extra fun:  "out", "couch", "about" - as you can imagine I'm pronouncing them with my wannabe Canadian accent as I type them :)  Then, I like how they say "Ay" a lot!  "You want another drink, ay?"  "Your from the south, ay"  I love it!  I say "ay" sometimes, but I think I'm going to incorporate it into my vocabulary a bit more! Ay!

5) Money - we called it funny money all weekend.  Everything was EXPENSIVE too!  A beer is at least $7-8 - CrAzY!  And its not very easy to find a Mich Ultra or Bud Light - needless to say, it was pretty obvious we were Americans!

We have had such a mild winter, it was nice to get a taste of a true winter - the cold, the wind, the snow! Here's a pic out our hotel window on Saturday morning:

And of course, I must share a bulldog pic.  This is Sarge...he found our suitcase rather enjoyable to relax in today...guess he was telling me I should unpack and start on laundry!!

Almost forgot the most important thing!!  I could not find ANY Sour Patch Kids in Canada - what kind of place is that!?!?!  So, its official, you won't find me moving there as a direct result of No Sour Patch Kids!!


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