I'm sure you have all been dying for a pupdate!!  So, here is the first pupdate of 2012:

My sweet babies are 6 months old today - so Happy 1/2 Birthday to them!  They are getting so big - no clue what they weigh now a days, but definitely pushing 40 lbs.  Not much longer now and they will be getting spayed/neutered...I need to make that appointment before its too late!

From what I can tell, Stella's UTI is gone - hallelujah!!!  They have a lot more freedom now that I can trust both of them (to a degree).  Plus, with me being unemployed, I just hang around the house, so no need to keep them kenneled up when I'm not busy.  They will play and sleep like good little babies.  Every once in a while, they get a mischievous bug and who knows what I might find them doing: eating my plant, chewing my kitchen chair legs, or eating their toy basket.

Over Christmas, we took them to Will's parents house who have a Newfoundland puppy (although she isn't the size of your average puppy) and two Westie puppies!  So, it was definitely crazy with all those dogs in one house - but fun too!  Here's a video of Sarge and Stella playing with Abby - they just loved to wrestle each other (Sarge was barking at the girls trying to get them to behave!).

And last but not least, just a few pics:

Being sweet babies for Aunt Megan while she watched them over New Years
Tuckered out from their Christmas travels
Sharing a bowl of water with Ava, my brother's German Shepherd puppy
All decked out for the WVU bowl game!
Tired from staying up to watch WVU win!!


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