Flu Shot Time

Yesterday, I drug Will out of the house to get our annual flu shots.  We wanted to get them before our travels, but just ran out of time.  Thankfully, we came back feeling great (knock on wood).  Since weekdays are crazy, we decided to take a few minutes out of our weekend and venture to CVS.

It was fairly quick...always have a few minutes to wait.  We had some entertainment during our wait though.  The police walked up to talk to the rather sketchy looking lady sitting by us in the waiting area.  She didn't get arrested, but they talked to her for a while.  I tried to eavesdrop but couldn't hear anything :/

So, we got our shots which weren't too bad then got our rewards!  As usual, I got Sour Patch Kids, Will got a Red Bull and Reese's Cups :)

Glad we can finally check that off of our to-do lists!!


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