Family Time

I had the joy of traveling to Indiana this past weekend to celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday, my niece's 1st birthday and Christening! It was such a joy to be there to share in these milestones of their lives.  I hope that life continues to allow me to be an active part of their lives, even when they are so far away.

These little ones make my day so much better.  I love hearing their sweet voices and contagious giggles.  They both are at fun ages!  They love unconditionally, are pure of heart and so trusting.  Its sad to think that we were all this innocent at some point in time...until the cruel world steps in and ruins things.

So, it was a great trip.  We had the whole dysfunctional family there ;)  It's rare that I have all of my siblings in one place...I think the last time was 4 years go at my brother's wedding.  So, I was happy to have them all with me!  Aren't we cute?!

The little guy wanted to join in the could we say no? 

So, my family love tank is full!!  That's a great feeling!!


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