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Playing Catch Up

How has it been almost 3 weeks since I blogged?  I hate when that happens.

Well, let's see....we went to WV for Memorial Day week.  Our cabin is 99.9% done - hallelujah!!!  I could go on and on about building and the annoyance that comes with it, especially being 6 hours away, but I'll save that for another time.

Stella managed to scratch her cornea...eek!  Poor thing has several vet check ups, lots of eye drops, plenty of love and has thankfully recovered.  Never thought a dog scratching their eye would be so complicated, but she's worth every penny spent (and I'll add it wasn't cheap - lol).

I turned 33! WOOHOO!!  I love birthdays, especially mine :)  Don't know what it is but I'm just giddy as a kid who has a birthday.  And its not in hopes of presents...I just like a day all about me.  Narcissistic maybe?    However, I don't like seeing that number going up and up.  But, it just means I'm living longer, so I'll suck it up.  Til 40 at least ;)  Then, I'll start counting backwards.

While in WV, Will surprised me with some cupcakes and a little party with the family.  My friends had a cookout for me on Sunday (the 5th), went out to dinner with my mom and little bro on my actual b-day (the 6th).  I draw it out as long as possible!  I say the whole week is Birthday Week!

I've been going a bit non-stop lately.  So, I'm looking forward to a relaxing time with some girlfriends at the beach this weekend.
The pups in their room at camp!  We built a Bulldog Room under the stairs :)

The beautiful Greenbrier River
What else? Oh - the ENT.  Went there the day after my birthday.  To say I was terrified is an understatement.  I DO NOT LIKE THINGS IN MY NOSE.  I hold my nose when I jump in the pool still so water won't go up.  I will not use a Netty Pot, nasal spray or anything like that.  So, knowing a camera had to go up there had my nerves shot.  I was gonna ask for a Xanax but figured I needed to suck it up.  I did bring my mom along for moral support ;)

Overall, it wasn't too bad.  The worse part to me was the cotton balls up my nose with the numbing stuff on it.  I felt like the cotton was touching my brain, but yet it felt like if I swallowed they would go down my throat.  Very bizarre.  Perhaps, I'm a bit dramatic to those of you that aren't fazed by it.  I suppose some people are terrified of the dentist (which I enjoy) and some are terrified of the ENT.

The purpose of my visit was to see what's going on with me.  I have been going hoarse for several months now randomly.  One day I have a voice then the next its all scratchy.  I haven't noticed any sinus pressure or much drainage, so I was unsure what the problem is.  The doc took a quick peek up my nose and said I don't have the nose of anyone with looks great! Yay!  So, they went up and down further to see the vocal cords where the problem lies.

Turns out I have silent reflux and my vocal cords have calluses or nodules on them.  So, I have acid reflux but don't know it - kind of crazy.  But I'm glad I'm not miserable with heartburn.  My instructions:  take Prilosec once a day and vocal rest!

Mom and I both laughed at the vocal rest!  I talk way too much.  Of course I spent the afternoon calling everyone to say I was on vocal rest.  Finally started my Prilosec and have been trying to avoid talking when I don't have to and not singing along to the radio (boring!).  My voice is still not 100% but it's getting better :)  I will go back in 6 months for a check up.
My #1 supporter!
Waiting on the doc
I just finished my Cayston cycle on Friday so I'm happy to be done for 4 weeks.  I was shocked but I didn't get a cough at the start this time.  Woohoo!  Highly unusual to not cough for at least a day or so, but I was great this time.  I did slack on the vest the past 2 weeks, and exercising, since I've been running all over the east coast.  But, I should get back in the swing of things soon.


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