Gummy Worms

I don't brag much about my hubby, but I need to take a minute to tell you how amazing he is.  He busts his ass everyday to make a great life for us.  It allows me the freedom to be a stay-at-home bulldog mom.  Which then gives me the freedom to really focus on my health by getting to spend all the time I want at the gym!  I can get all my breathing treatments in without a crazy work schedule.  And I can go to appointments without worrying about asking for time off work, which is always a pain to do and a waste of a vacation day!  He goes above and beyond for me, and I'm truly grateful.

Last weekend, we were out doing some running around.  On the way home he stopped in a gas station for a red bull (or maybe it was beer, I can't remember) and asked what I wanted.  Surprisingly I was craving gummy worms that day, not my usual Sour Patch Kids.  Not just any gummy worm, they have to be the Trolli sour gummy worms - duh!

Anyway, he came out empty handed and said they didn't have any.  Bummer for me.  We started driving home, then he turned around and went into the Dollar General which was a few blocks away, just so he could get some worms for me.  But, they didn't have any either, nor did they even have Sour Patch Kids.  So, we pulled out and he turned the opposite way of home!  He was determined to get my candy for me!  We drove a few miles out of the way to go to a bigger newer gas station.  I sat and waited in the car.

I see him coming out with bag.  What did he buy?  I got a bag of gummy worms, then the big bag that has the mini worms, plus some sour patch kids!  3 bags of candy!! And to top it off, he bought one of those silly spinner things! HAHAHA!  We had been talking about them and what the point of them was, so he figured we should give it a try.

How great is he!?  I wouldn't have gone to 3 places for myself, but he did.  It's the little things that show me how much I'm loved! 💕


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