My little bully babies are growing up.  Sarge & Stella turned 6 at the beginning of July and T-Bone turned 8 at the end of July.

We celebrated Sarge & Stella's birthday at home with some special treats from the local pet store.  T-Bone got to be at his favorite place on his birthday (our cabin in WV).  Unfortunately I was a bad dog mom and forgot his birthday hat and treat, but he got extra loving and sang to multiple times.

T-Bone had his bi-annual check up just before his birthday and had a good report.  We are changing his eyedrops due to the formula change in what he was using - it was making his eyes red and itchy. And then, in his ear (not the one that just had surgery) we noticed a tick like thing in one of the folds. He got very irritated with us when we messed with it, so thankfully his appointment was the next day, so I figured I'd let them piss him off.  Turns out, its not a tick.  The vet said it looked just like the mass that he saw in his other ear canal 😱.  So, we are going to keep an eye on it.  Thankfully, its in a good spot that our vet can cut it off rather than having to go back to UGA.  Yay!    And, we added some glucosamine to his supplements (Sarge & Stella have started getting it too).  I probably should have already been doing that since he's old, a bulldog and has had knee surgery.  Again, bad dog mom 😔.

Nothing else to report.  They are happy, healthy and loving life being spoiled rotten (as all pets should be).

T basking in the sun at the cabin.
My 3 little goofballs

Birthday Boy!

Sound asleep on the drive home from camp.


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