I'm a lobster

Well, with all the moving and holidays the past 2 months, I've slacked on my tanning.  I looked in the mirror the other day and didn't recognize the white as a ghost figure staring back at me.  So, I got motivated and started the hunt for a tanning salon in our new town.  In the south, they aren't hard to find, so I landed at a place right down the street.  I know it is bad for you, but it is one of my vices.  I just don't like myself without some color.  Perhaps its my vanity coming out, but its just something that make me like me better.  I feel healthier, younger and prettier with a tan.  I like nice cars, nice purses & a nice tan!  Other than that, I'm pretty easy going :)

So, of course when I go to sign up, I fall for the expensive package, the expensive new tanning lotion and of course the after tanning lotion that makes your tan last even longer.  Sad to say I nearly spent $150 on tanning in a day - yikes!! So, I went twice at the beginning of the week last week and started my base tan - got slightly pink, but it was gone by the next morning.

On Friday, I thought I should step it up a bit and really kick my tan into full gear.  Well that ended in me looking like a lobster.  Every inch of me was burnt.  If you haven't had a tanning bed burn before, I truly believe they hurt worse than a normal sun burn.  The pain didn't kick in until Friday night - I had the hubby assist in coating me with aloe.  It hurt to sleep, it hurt to shower, it hurt to be dressed...just not fun.  So, I'm thankful that today the red has turned brown!

Lesson learned:  when you get hot in the tanning bed - get out! No one looks good as a lobster!


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