Welcome 2011

2011 is here, which means a new year of adventures.

2010 was a pretty good year - had some very exciting times and some very sad times.  Most of all, I'll miss my Gram.  She was an extraordinary woman and meant so much to so many people - she is truly missed.  On a happier note, we celebrated Will's 30th birthday in Las Vegas!  We had a blast with all our wonderful friends and family members that came out as well!

There are many things I'm looking forward to this year - the first being our 5th Anniversary!  Its hard to believe that Will & I have been together for 8 years and married for 5 - how time flies.  Hopefully, we will get to do something fun and exciting to celebrate!  I'm looking forward to finally settling down & making our house a home.  We've been going non-stop since the holidays that we still have some things to get done in the house & unpack.  Then, there is the Great Strides walk for CF in May.  I'm happy to lead team CF Stinks again this year and hope to be the top fundraiser!  We have lots of work to do!  Check out www.cfstinks.com to donate :)

This year has already brought some unexpected excitement - we had 4 inches of snow yesterday which is still on the ground!  Schools were cancelled - no surprise there - SC isn't exactly equipped to handle snow & ice.  So, we are all at a stand still.  The downfall of working from home is that I don't get a snowday.  So, I'm working at the kitchen table enjoying the view of the snow.

Well, I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2011!  Hopefully, I'll get some followers this year ;)


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