Mother - Daughter Time

Since we moved in December, I haven't seen my mom near as much as I used to (granted we only live an hour away).  We would go to lunch several times a week, go to dinner or she would cook us dinner (even better!), we would go to the movies and just talk.  I would say she truly is a best friend.  Now I feel a little guilty for leaving since all she has now is my little brother.  And 16 year old boys are not that fond of their mothers. 

So, I was so excited when I got to spend a little extra time with her last night!  Now, we don't have the same tastes in clothes, but we are able to relate to CAbi (Carol Anderson by Invitation).  If you haven't heard of it - its fabulous!! Its like having a Pampered Chef party but with clothes!  Check out the website here.  Its just great, they have a new line twice a year and we went to our consultants house for a preview of the Spring line that just came out.

Anyway, we had a blast - talking clothes, drinking wine and just being together.  We tried on clothes, made a wishlist of what we wanted and I scheduled my CAbi party for the spring!  Then, on the way back to her house, we picked up a pizza & breadsticks to snack on when we got home.  We watched tv (and of course mom fell asleep), but it was nice just hanging out.  I even stayed the night so I got a little extra time.

The woman may drive me nuts from time to time, but she is the best there is!! So glad to have her :)  Here's a pic of us at the Great Strides walk last year - Love You Mom!!!


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