Happy St. Patrick's Day

Top of the morning to ya!  Well, afternoon now.  Happy Saint Patty's Day :)  I remembered that today was St. Patty's but completely slipped my mind when I got dressed, so no green for me today.  Fortunately I work from home and no one will pinch me or give me a hard time (Will knows better!).  That used to drive me nuts in school when people would pinch.  However, Sophie is sporting her festive Shamrock collar today :)  She was refusing to get her picture taken today (like most days), but I snapped a few as she was looking out the window.

So glad its my Friday!  Taking a vacation day tomorrow for my doc appointment and then to relax and enjoy the weekend.  Kind of been a chaotic week at work for me and Will.

Last but not least, Happy Anniversary to my wonderful In-Laws!!! Love you guys :)


  1. Love the name Sophie! :)

    had any sour patch kids? I should of gave up candy for lent. I have been eating these speckled jelly beans like crazy. I had a dream last night my teeth fell out ;)

  2. Still no sour patch kids :) Jelly Beans - sounds good, gonna have to go buy some!


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