June Trips

So, June has been a busy month so far.  We started off with our trip to Vegas (which I wrote about previously), then the following weekend we went to Savannah with some friends to celebrate another birthday - Bryan turned 30!  We walked along River Street a few times, making sure to stop in both candy shops each time (yummy) and then we took a cooking class which was very fun.  It had 3 main courses (it was a backyard BBQ theme):  BBQ salmon; BBQ ribs & BBQ sausage with potatoe salad and baked beans; then BBQ chicken with cole slaw and fresh green beans; and for dessert - watermelon.  Needless to say, it felt like we were going to explode when we left!

On River Street

With Chef Joe Randall
Whitney & Me
 I finished my Cayston the Saturday morning when we were in Savannah.  It was strange as I experienced some chest tightness/discomfort Friday night.  I think it was due to not using the Ventolin beforehand on my Friday treatments.  I admit it, I got lazy and figured it would be OK to skip it...guess I was wrong.  I actually was up most of the night Friday because it hurt to take a deep breath.  Lesson learned:  take a puff of Ventolin EVERY time!!

Then this past weekend, we were in Pittsburgh for Father's Day.  Also, we went to the Taylor Swift concert which was fabulous.  Although, it did make me feel old that I was at a concert and the performer was younger than me - crazy!
The gals

Me with my dad & sisters

Also, my dad's gang just got a new Great Dane puppy - Winnie...isn't she adorable!  She's gonna be HUGE!

Only 12 weeks old here
Unfortunately with all our traveling, I haven't been able to ride my bike in what feels like forever!  I think its been about 5 weeks.  Shame, shame.  However, I'm still making Zumba at least once a week thankfully.  I wanted to get a bike ride in the morning, but overslept.  Oh well!


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