Slowly Healing

Its crazy to believe that today is a month that Sophie has been gone.  Fortunately, we've done a good bit of traveling which has kept us out of the house every weekend since she passed.  I won't lie, I still look around for her sometimes and think I hear her.  Will woke me up the other night because I was snoring (which I never do) and said I sounded like Sophie and I needed to roll over.  It brings a smile to my face when little things happen that remind me of her.

Happily, we are slowly healing and prepping our hearts to find some more bulldog love.  Just yesterday, I contacted a couple breeders to see if they had any litters that would be ready for homes around August/September.  (We are fortunate to know some folks with bulldogs that referred us - definitely won't go to Sophie's breeder - they are complete scum buckets!!  Not even worth my time to tell about them.)  So, anyway.  There is a litter that is due in the next week and a half in Delaware.  Don't know if we will get one, but it at least brings some joy to me knowing that I feel I can love another pup.

Not to sound horrible, but the house is much easier to keep clean without a bulldog and all the messes they make (hair, drool, scratched hard wood floors).  But, all the joy & love they bring, its well worth it.

Hope my sweet girl is resting comfortably in doggy heaven just as she always did at home...


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