CF Appointment

Happy Monday!  I'm happy to report that after feeling like complete crap yesterday, I'm feeling better.  My body is still a bit achy, but I've regained some energy. 

I had my quarterly CF appointment on Friday which was rather hectic.  I arrived at noon for my bone density scan only to discover I wasn't in the system.  Luckily, they managed to squeeze me in.  Then, I was off to the blood lab at 12:30 pm, to again find that they didn't have a work order for me.  After a few minutes, they called me back and only took 1 tube?!?!  That never happens!  I asked if that was all they needed for the Glucose test and the tech said they didn't have an order for that.  OH MY!  So, after the one vial was drawn I went to the office where the clinic is held and the receptionist started to track down my nurse to get the full order while I headed to X-Ray.  A few minutes sitting there, the receptionist told me that the full order was at the lab, so I ran back over there.  Then, the took 11 vials of blood on my empty stomach at 1:30 pm.  Got a bit lightheaded but made it through.  So, back to X-Ray which I was now late for and then to PFTs which I was late for too.  (Went back to the blood lab at 3:30 for one my drawing to complete the glucose test)

As expected, my PFTs went down.  My FVC was 97% (from 103%) and my FEV1 was 87% (from 95%).  Not horrible, but not to my satisfaction.  I coughed during the testing, which is a pretty rare occurrence for me and the tech was even surprised.

Then on to the doctor.  I told her about my cough which I had been hoping would go away but never did.  So, she put me on 750 mg of Cipro for 2 weeks.  It was going to be Levaquin, but my pharmacy was out of it so, we got approval to use Cipro instead.  The appointment went well, got to see the whole team: Nutritionist, Social Worker & Respiratory Therapist.  Got the same reports that my weight is good, and they are glad I'm exercising now and using my Cayston.  As expected, they want me to use my Acapella or Vest especially since I've been coughing.   I finally walked out of the hospital right at 5:00 pm.  Did I mention, I still had not eaten for the day?!?!  And, my pups had been in their kennel for 6 hours now.

So, mom & I went home to tend to the pups and then called in a to-go order at The Pizza Joint.  I inhaled my dinner - I was so hungry.  Then, mom headed back home.

Saturday was good.  Me and the pups just hung out and watched college football, mostly just the West Virginia and South Carolina games - both won - woohoo!! Will was gone again for the weekend to Vegas for his friends' bachelor party, so puppy duty was all me...AGAIN.  I got some really cute pics of the puppies playing - I'll post soon!

I woke up around 6:30 am on Sunday and my entire body was aching.  I text my mom and she came over later that morning to help with the puppies so that I could sleep.  I pretty much slept all was great!  I think the puppies enjoyed having their Grandma around, they got to run wild!  They played outside a lot and got to chewy whatever they wanted.  Thank God for moms - don't know what we'd do without them!  Its funny, even at 28, mom is the person you want when you don't feel good!


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