Puppies & PFTs

Its been pretty quiet around our household this past week...well, actually not.  Two puppies are quite noisy when they get to wrestling.  Will had gone out of town and left me on puppy duty all by myself!!  I was taking them out every 30 minutes, when awake.  But, they still managed to have a few accidents.  So, I was exhausted, still am.  I had to take them to the vet last week all by myself too!  They were actually pretty good and I managed to get some help toting the little rascals around by some strangers.  Bulldog pups aren't seen very often, so they get lots of attention!  Stella weighed in at 11.5 lbs and Sarge was 10.3 lbs. 

Stella taking Sarge for a walk!
I had the wild idea yesterday to see what they weighed.  I could tell they had gained weight...they eat 3 cups of food a day (each) so how could they not pack on the pounds.  Stella was 14.6 lbs and Sarge was 12.5 lbs, so they are GROWING!  I'm such a proud mom :)  They go in spurts, but they are starting to come when I call them and are doing much better on the potty training thing.  If they have an accident, its pretty much my fault for not moving fast enough to get them out. 

Although I love them dearly (who couldn't?!?!), my poor house is suffering from their messes.  When they eat, they manage to get food across the kitchen...still baffles me on how they do this.  When they drink, the floor gets soaked and so do they.  The constant in and out (even though we take our shoes off inside) there is grass and dirt everywhere - ahh!! So my fabulous husband took me out this past weekend and I got a new vaccuum (made for hardwood floors)!! Say hello to my new best friend, the Dyson DC35:
The newness hasn't worn off, so I'm vacuuming like 5 times a day!  Its cordless so I just keep on going and don't have to stop to unplug when I go to the next room.  It is awesome - I love it :)

On another note, I have my quarterly CF visit tomorrow.  I'm going to drag my mom along with me as its gonna be a looooong one!  Glucose test (which I'm not happy about - I hate fasting), X-Rays, Bone Density Scan and my PFTs all before seeing the doctor.  Let's hope all goes well!  I'm a bit unsure about the PFTs, I still have a bit of a cough, but I think the Cayston is helping (finishing up week 2).  So, wish me luck!


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