In the spirit of Valentine's Day

*Disclaimer - this may be a bit sappy for some of you out there...sorry! *'s an interesting thing.  There are several types of love.  Love can change.  Love can end.  You can "love" and you can be "in love".

Yesterday marked 10 years that Will and I had our first date.  Hard to believe he's been around 1/3 of my life...really, hard to believe he's put up with me for that long!  I was thinking about the first time we said those infamous 3 words - "I love you".  I truly thought I was in love and I could picture him in my life.  I enjoyed spending time with him and cherished our relationship.  Now, I look at how our love has changed and grown.  Perhaps it was just "puppy love" I initially felt.  When we got engaged - I just couldn't imagine being able to love someone anymore.  And now after six and a half years of marriage, I know I love him even more.  Its a love that I can't imagine not having.  I wouldn't know what to do without him in my cliche as it may sound, but he's my rock.  He keeps me grounded and gives me that reality check when I need one.

Love lets you see past any imperfections.  Love allows you to accept someone for who they are.  And boy am I thankful to have found someone that can see past my imperfections.  I've found someone that doesn't look at me as someone with Cystic Fibrosis, instead he sees me for me.

He can see past my bad manors; he puts up with my bad habits; he laughs at my moments of cluelessness; he accepts me and my sailor mouth (I'd say he contributed in developing it); and he challenges me to be a better person.

I'm fortunate to love and be loved.  There's nothing better than having someone you can share your innermost thoughts with and yet be able to goof off and have fun!


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