I don't like being a slacker, but that's what I've been doing everything it seems.  I've slacked at blogging, slacked at getting started fundraising for Great Strides, slacked at cooking dinner, slacked at working out, slacked at keeping the house clean.  The only thing I haven't slacked at is my Cayston treatments...I'm currently in week 3.

I have lost my motivation to work out...the only thing keeping me at the gym is my scheduled personal training sessions.  I've gone back in to my bad snacking habits...and of course, it isn't healthy snacking! I've put on a few of the pounds I had lost which makes me more frustrated, then I slack off even more... its a vicious cycle.  I did better when I could wake up and go straight to the gym before doing anything else...I'd have energy for the day and it gave me motivation not to snack, and if I did snack, at least I had burned some extra calories that morning.  But, unfortunately I work in the mornings now and just don't have motivation to hit the gym in the afternoon.

This has turned into a depressing blog - sorry!  I have big plans to create a healthy menu for dinners (and plan them in advance), clean out my panty of all the junk thats holding me back (mostly Sour Patch Kids and Reese's Cups), and get my butt back in the gym.  

Lent is starting this week and thats just the motivation I need.  I can't cheat on God!! I'm not just giving up Sour Patch Kids this year, I'm giving up all my sweet tooth cravings.  Even as I type that I'm freaking out - I've become dependent on my junk!!  

So wish me luck as I get back on track!!  I want to run some more 5Ks in the future so I need to start preparing!


  1. Just remember-slacking happens! All of us cannot be perfect at everything. One thing that I have noticed with myself, if I start to well with one thing-I get more motivation to excel in other things. Also-if the one thing that you aren't slacking in is your treatments, than you should not be so hard on yourself!


  2. So Maria and I have been addicted to Sour Patch Kids!!! When I buy another bag I think of your addiction. I hope you get back on track soon cyster! Slacking is human nature its just how long we let it happen for that is the key.

    I hope you are feeling well :)

    I am going to try and message you through this google/blogger thing. I have a question for you :)


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