Just wanted to take a moment and rant...sorry!

I've been annoyed the past couple weeks with doctor offices and the need to reschedule.  Thankfully, its not my CF clinic giving me issues....they are fantastic!  Let me make a disclaimer....I'm not one that changes appointments often...99% of the time I make whatever is planned (a year in advance) work...even if I'm inconvenienced.

First, I needed to reschedule my dermatologist appointment at the beginning of May.  Well, guess when the next appointment was?  JULY!  2 freaking months later.   Chapped my ass.  I took the next opening and will make sure I plan my life around that day.  Heaven forbid something come up.

Next, I needed to reschedule my lady doctor appointment that was this week.  So, I called to see if I could change days or maybe come the next week or so (don't want to be too far off my annual schedule).  Guess what?  No can do...booked all summer long!  How the hell is that possible? So, I kept that appointment and rearranged my life.  Need I mention that my appointment was the 1st week of May and they called me the week before to change it.  I had made plans to be at THAT appointment.   Then, while I was at my appointment, I heard a receptionist tell someone on the phone that they were booked until July 2017.  Is that even possible?  Apparently Aiken, SC needs more OBGYNs....holy cow!  So, I have my May 2017 appointment scheduled and in my calendar!!

Any who...why do they book a whole year in advance?  I have no clue what I'm doing tomorrow let alone a year from now.  So frustrating!!!

Then...I'm the person that generally shows up early (like your supposed to)...only to wait an hour before being called back.  Good grief.  My patience go very quickly while in a waiting room.  I'm an easy patient...in and out in like 10 mins.  Why can't they just get my over with?!!

That is all!  Enough ranting...I feel better :)  Happy Friday to all...enjoy your weekend!


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