I gained and lost a friend today

Its been a heck of a day already.  I had my first personal training session today at 10 am, and as usual I was pulling out of the house right on time.  Like normal, I looked in my rearview mirror as I pulled out of the driveway to make sure the garage door was shut and I saw something in the driveway.  So, I stopped and looked back to see a dog just standing there.

I put the jeep in park and hopped out - I called to the dog and she very sweetly came right up to me.  Oh no!  I was just confused, I had an appointment but I couldn't just leave her there to roam all alone.  She didn't have a collar on and looked like she had been outside for a while.  I knew I had to leave, so I hoped I could get her in my garage to be safe until I got back and could take care of her.  Thankfully, we have an extra dog kennel which was in the garage, so I got it out and ran to get 2 dog bowls, filled one with water and the other with a scoop of food.  That sweet little girl went right in the kennel when she smelled the food - she was hungry!

So, I went to my training and loved it!  I like having someone to keep me accountable.  So, I signed up to have 2 sessions per week - a little overzealous?!?!  Lord help me!

I rushed back home and found the dog just laying in the kennel being good as gold.  She had eaten all the food, so I ran inside to get a collar and leash for her and some more food and some treats.  I walked her on the leash for a bit contemplating what to do.  As expected, Will said I can't keep her, so I called the SPCA.  Unfortunately, they couldn't take her because she was found outside of the city (silly rule, but whatever).  I was told to call Animal Control.  They asked if I could bring her down to them after 1pm.

So, I just sat in the garage with the dog and pet her.  She wanted to be loved - she would roll on her back so I could rub her belly.  I gave her some treats and fed her some more food.  She keep going to the door that led in the house - she's a smart one, she wanted in!

Finally at 1pm, I loaded her up in the jeep and we headed to the shelter, and of course I started to cry.  I think she knew I was upset because she kept trying to kiss me and get in my lap on the drive.  We made it there and they checked her for a microchip but didn't find one.  So, they are going to keep her and see if she is adoptable (with her personality, she definitely is!).  When the guy took her leash and was leading her to the back, she stopped and walked back to me.  Of course I cried some more and gave her a big hug.  I then cried all the way home...I just feel horrible that I can't help her.

I hate that I love animals so much.  Who cries over a dog they only knew for a few hours - me!  I hope her owners claim her or she finds a wonderful new home.  I'd hate for such a sweet dog to be put down because no one wants her :(  I won't be able to live with myself if she is euthanized.

So, if anyone wants her - please call Animal Control of Aiken County.  Here's a picture of my special friend:

Isn't she pretty?!  She is wearing one of Sophie's old collars and I let her keep it to remember me.


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