Sophie's Garden

Just a few weeks before Sophie died last year, I planted some flowers (gladiolas to be exact).  It was my first go at planting flowers and Sophie sat by my side while planting, so of course, I named it Sophie's garden.  Then sadly she passed away, but I had some beautiful blooms that summer to make me think of her.

Sadly, my Sophie girl has been gone for a year now.  It was a pretty rough day but I did better than expected...probably because I have two goofy bulldogs that cheer me up and I got to celebrate my favorite little buddy's 3rd birthday.  So, I had lots of happiness around me.  And, Sophie's garden started to grow! I was hoping for some blooms to pop that day, but just a few days later I had some:

I doubt if there will be as many blooms this year due to two big bruisers trampling the flowers and attempting to eat them.  I did not appreciate their rudeness, so after a stern talking to I think they got the point to stay out of Sophie's garden.

Its hard to believe its been a year without Sophie already, but its funny how the heart heals.  I have such fond memories of my first bulldog and wish she was still here, but I'm so grateful to be able to Sarge and Stella around now!


  1. Hi! Love your blog. I don't see a way to contact you directly. My daughter has the same mutations that you have. I have some information to share with you regarding Kalydeco. Please contact me at and I will give you the details. Also, if you are on Facebook, we have a group--please join--it is called "DF508 and 621+1G>T." Hope you are well!

  2. Hi Teresa - thanks for reading! I just found the group and you on FB and sent a request to join :) You can message me through FB if you wish! Hope all is well!


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