Cayston, Vesting and a Research Study

I finished Cayston on Friday - yay!! Now I get to enjoy a 4 week break.  But, I will still keep up with the HTS and vest.

As for the vest, its official that everyone in the house despises the thing.  For some reason, the dogs now run out of the room when they see me start to put it on.  If Will is home, they run to his office and hide under his desk.  If not, they run back to our bedroom and hide on their bed back there.  Its very strange, they used to sit with me and that all of a sudden changed in the past two weeks.  

I vest right in the living room.  I know if I put it somewhere out of plain sight, I would not do it as much.  Plus, its right by the TV, so I can watch a show (at top volume, of course) or play on my iPad.  I think the family should get to be a part of my treatments ;)  Although, Will does not enjoy how loud it is and anxiously waits for it to turn off.

Here's some proof that I actually use my vest :)
The itching has gotten MUCH better.  I still turn the vest backwards and that really seems to make all the difference.  I do get some discomfort when I have the pressure turned all the way up and the frequency is high, but I think that seems to be the most effective, so I tough it out.

On another note, I'm looking into a new research study in San Francisco!!  I'm pretty excited about it, but will share more info when I make a decision.  Right now, I'm talking to my doctor and making the decision if I should participate.  Unfortunately, travel costs are not covered, so it will be up to us to pay for the 5-6 visits to California.  But, it would definitely be worth it if my doctor gives me the thumbs up.


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