Snow Storm & Ice Storm & Earthquakes - Oh My!!

I almost rather have lions & tigers & bears then the craziness we have had.  I won't dwell on the weather, but we've had some interesting stuff the past weeks from snow and ice to earthquakes.  We lost power for 3 days due to the ice and that was no fun.  In the midst of the darkness on Valentine's night, our house was shaking!!  What a crazy event to be a part of.  Being my first earthquake, I thought the world was

Sadly, the ice did a lot of damage to our quaint downtown :(

Just sitting around without power :/

On the 15th, Will and I attended the Bully Ball in Atlanta.  It was a fundraiser for the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue, which of course we were beyond excited about!  We got to get dressed up and hang out with bulldogs :)  It was a great event and we can't wait to go back again!

Will and Marci (she needs adopted!!)
Me and Petie (he needs adopted!!)
Me and Faith (she needs adopted!!)
Faith was bored :)
Cute decorations
Our dessert! 

Last week was mostly uneventful, which is good if you ask me.  But Saturday was busy!  Will and I ran in a 5K!! My second for the year, but the first one for Will and I together.  I'm so proud of him going out there and running with me!  He did great!  According to my Map My Run App, I ran 3.39 miles in 35:06.  So, I definitely approve in my time!!  January I averaged a pace of 11:03 per mile and this time was 10:21 per mile.  I am happy about that!!
Will about to cross the finish line! 

That evening, we went to Will's fraternity 10 year reunion.  Had a great time catching up with some old friends.  Sadly, I didn't get a picture of us :(

Other than that, just busy with life.  Still doing my vest and HTS :)

And last, if anyone still wants to make purchases in the Shop for CF event, time is running out!  Closing the parties on Feb. 27th.


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