Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shop for CF

Hi there,

Just wanted to give a quick hello and tell everyone that Shop for CF is happening now!!!

Look above  ^^^ and you will see the links to this years supporters.  A HUGE thank you to my dear friend Brandy for orchestrating again this year.  And, thank you to the following:

 Stephanie J. is the Mary Kay consultant - we went to middle school together way back in the day:)

Stephanie L. is the Origami Owl consultant and is my wonderful cousin! 

Karrie L. is the Pampered Chef consultant and we lucked out finding her, thanks to Brandy!

 Ivey C. is our Stella & Dot consultant - we went to USCA together and got to know one another during our business classes!

Danielle M. is the Thirty-One consultant - we also went to USCA together and were sorority sisters |^^^/

Thank you to these wonderful women for donating to the CF Foundation and supporting CF Stinks!!

Shop now until February 27th!!

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