Cayston Update

Well, I'm on week 2 of Cayston already.  Unfortunately, I missed 2 treatments already...Saturday I was exhausted and went to bed without my last round, then Sunday I woke up late and had to leave without a treatment...I would have done it in the car, but for the life of me I could not find 4 AA batteries - ahh!!

So, I squeezed in 4 treatments on Monday to help catch up....I assume I can do that...I just make sure they are at least 4 hours apart.  I did my normal 3 on Tuesday and I'm planning to do 4 today to get me caught back up.

I'm feeling great.  My cough increased slightly when I started, but has gone back down and I'm breathing not feeling junk move around in my lungs when I breathe!  I'm doing great in my Zumba class as well...not coughing much anymore but definitely feeling the workout in my lungs - it feels great!!

Happy Wednesday to all!!


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