Day 15

Day 15:  I am thankful for my Grandparents.  Will's Grandmother has been in the hospital and it got me thinking about my Grandparents and how lucky I am to have/had such wonderful people in my life.  Growing up, going to visit my Grandparents was one of my favorite things to do.  The whole family seemed to congregate around my Grandparents...they were the center of the family. 

I don't remember my mom's dad (Pap, as I called him) as well as I was in 2nd grade when he passed away, but I do remember he always read books to me and my brother - "Old Mother Hubbard" was my favorite - I actually have the book we used to read together!!  He was a kind and patient man and there is no doubt that he loved us Grandkids. My mom's mom (Grandma) was wonderful - when my brother and I would fight, she would say "ho, ho, ho" (yes, like Santa) and we would stop, she never had to say more than that.  She loved to walk, and we would walk all around where she lived - go to the toy store and even to lunch.  When we would sleep over, we always got a bowl of cereal before bed and woke up to the smell of bacon - yummy.  I have a lot of found memories with her.

Not quite sure what year this is, but its me with my brother (red sweatsuit), cousins, Grandma and Pap.  I'm the fat one sitting on Pap's lap - holding his ear?!?!   

My dad's dad (Pap) is awesome - he's 86 and I swear he could run circles around me.  He swims, he golfs, he does it all!  I remember going with him to the pool when I was younger - I had to wake up super early to go with him (I think it was like 6am!) - there is an indoor/outdoor pool nearby, so he swims all year round.  I only went a few times but it was a big deal to get to go with Pap!  He's the kind of Pap that we would climb all over and wrestle with - he always makes jokes or says funny things that make us all laugh.  My dad's mom (Gram) was always fun (and the best cook) - I loved asking her question because she knew so much.  She loved crossword puzzles, which I still don't know how she figured them out, and we would play word search together!  She was the cool Grandma that had a Nintendo (and she actually played it).  She always called me cute names like "tootsa-bella" or in the mornings, would say "Good Morning Mary Sunshine"...I still say those things and think of her and sing her song to my pups "I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck".  As I got older, she became one of my best friends and I miss her dearly.
Gram, Me & Pap at Thanksgiving 2006

I'm fortunate to have another set of Grandparents - Munner and Granddaddy (my stepdad's parents).  I didn't know them until later in life, but they were a blessing as well.  My Granddaddy was the crazy guy that told insane stories (which my gullible self believed) and Munner is the southern belle...and quite the cook!

Will and I with Munner and Granddaddy at the 50th Anniversary Party (June 2008)


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